I am Self-Employed. Is there another health insurance option other than the individual market?

Yes there is, but you must have at least one full time employee that can’t be your spouse. Group insurance rules allow for a group of 2 to be created as long as you employ 1 additional person that is a W-2 employee at 30 hours per week at minimum wage. There are several advantages to this approach. One would be the fact that for the first time in my health insurance career, group market premiums are now lower than their individual market counterparts. The second is that on the group side, there is more carrier and plan choice, and the provider network is much larger, with most plan options offering nationwide in-network services. The third would be that as a business owner, you can write off all health insurance costs including your premiums. This is a huge advantage over individual plans as in this case you can write off only a percentage of your health care expenses.