"Health insurance is not only a facet to our business; it is our business. We are committed to educating business owners and senior-level management on ways to eliminate the traditional model of moving from carrier to carrier. Our goal is to partner with them to create more permanent solutions."

Kevin Murray


Kevin has built a large individual and group health insurance book of business over the last decade. He is known for being tenacious throughout the years in finding the right plan and coverage for each and every one of his clients. Prior to Affordable Care Act (ACA) passage, where individual applicants had to complete an extensive health questionnaire in order to obtain coverage, Kevin assisted these clients in finding which company would consider insuring specific health issues. He became known for placing policies and finding coverage for those who had either been denied, or where other agents had given up on the process. Once health reform was passed in the ACA, he educated himself on how this process worked and how it would effect his client base. Presenting several seminars on ACA implementation, Kevin was able to educate consumers as to what was coming in 2014, which in turn grew his business significantly during that time. Market pressures on the individual market since then led to the opening of Kevin Murray & Associates, Inc. with a focus on level funded and traditional carrier based group health insurance, Medicare, and Long Term Care.

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